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This online edition of The ICHE Complete Pie Book was originally compiled for members of our Idaho State Legislature 2006, as a token of our appreciation for their service to the State of Idaho, and specifically, for their service to the home-educating voters and their families throughout the state. It is now being made available, one recipe/family at a time, to the public.

We share a common interest and commitment in assuring that the children of the State of Idaho receive an education. Idaho students must prepare to contribute in a competitive global marketplace. Education is the goal. The choice of vehicles to deliver that education cannot be, and is not, taken lightly by those of us choosing an alternative path. As our children mature and contribute, they are a credit to our state and give validation for our freedom to choose. We also desire to make sure that "no child is left behind!"

Homeschooling remains a little or no-cost alternative to our state budget. As homeschooling families, we contribute to the tax-base toward public education, even though our children are learning math, reading, and writing, as well as many other valuable subjects in our own homes and throughout the community.

It is our hope that our forward-thinking legislators will continue to recognize the value of home education as an additional and valid path to achieve that common purpose. It is, of course, also our hope that we will continue to enjoy our freedom to choose the path we feel will best suit the needs of our own children.

To the State Legislators: Thank you for your service to the constituents of Idaho.

This pie book has taken many volunteer hours and is generously gifted through the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators. We hope you enjoy the family stories, photos, expressions of gratitude, and recipes found throughout its pages.

Shawna Ipsen Ingram
Editor, 2006


I have enjoyed serving thousands of slices of home-made pies to many grateful recipients on Legislative Day each year. I have seen countless thankful bakers in the homeschooling community, including students, working to sharpen their baking skills while simultaneously learning a little about leadership in our state. I appreciate all of the tremendous "home-bakers" who have made such an effort!

I am also grateful for the service and support of so many throughout the years, including many Legisladies. I would especially like to thank Eddie Ipsen, Elaine Barraclough, Gwen Lee, Vera Raybould, and particularly Geri Tilman, who organized and began ICHE and our Legislative Days. I have developed close friendships with many wives of those serving in the legislature and appreciate the blessing they are to me.

I am thankful to so many of you who throughout the years have come to the fourth floor to enjoy pie and meet with home-educated constituents, many of whom are now of voting age. For those of you who have taken the time out of your busy schedules to look at the displays around the rotunda, we wish you the best in the upcoming legislative session and hope you have many wonderful memories of "Pie Day!"


Shawna Ipsen Ingram, ICHE Pie Chairman

Shawna Ipsen Ingram has been the Legislative Pie Day chairman since 1995. Her father, Grant Ipsen, and father-in-law, Cecil Ingram, served five and six terms respectively, in the Idaho State Senate.

Special thanks to Heidi Ingram for volunteering many precious hours of work in editing, compiling, and formatting this book.


All Tablespoons are a capital "T."
All teaspoons are a lower-case "t."
Cups are "c."
All flour is all-purpose flour, unless otherwise indicated.
Sugar is granulated sugar unless otherwise indicated.

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