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Here's What Your Elected Legislators Said About Home Schooling 2014

Click on your district on the map, below. Then click on the names of your elected legislators to see how they responded to the ICHE Candidate Survey on home schooling.

The Candidate Letter can be downloaded in MS Word format from this page.

Candidate: Rep - Don Hudson STATE REPRESENTATIVE, POSITION B, District 26

1. Do you support or oppose requiring families who home educate to register their children with either the state or their local public school district?

Support, I support knowing who and where you are so that we can contact you to provide whatever help we may be able to provide, if possible, as a servie to you, not a requirement.

2. Do you support or oppose requiring all children taught at home to take standardized achievement tests each year?

Support, I support making these tests available to Home School students and teachers not as a requirement; but as an option to give them a comparative measurement tool and for reinforcement of progress. I know that most Home School students and teachers are ahead of our public education systems in many areas.

3. What other requirements, if any, would you favor as a condition of a parent's right to teach his or her children at home?

None, I believe that it is a parent's unrestricted right to teach their own children at home as they believe to be apppropriate. I also believe it is a protected statutory right provided by the Idaho State Constitution. I also believe that parents know best the capabilities, talents, special needs, wishes and desires of each of their children far better than any standardized test could ever discover.

4. Other comments that you wish to make on the subject of home education:

"It takes a vilage to raise a child", also "Parents know best". I support Home Schooling and thin Idaho owes a debt of gratitute, and financial support, to Home Schooling families. Idaho should provide social and other cooperative opportunities to give the best of both approaches to developing youth.

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