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Here's What Your Elected Legislators Said About Home Schooling 2012

Click on your district on the map, below. Then click on the names of your elected legislators to see how they responded to the ICHE Candidate Survey on home schooling.

The Candidate Letter can be downloaded in MS Word format from this page.

Candidate: Rep - Paul Romrell STATE REPRESENTATIVE, POSITION B, District 35

1. Do you support or oppose requiring families who home educate to register their children with either the state or their local public school district?


2. Do you support or oppose requiring all children taught at home to take standardized achievement tests each year?


3. What other requirements, if any, would you favor as a condition of a parent's right to teach his or her children at home?

(Left Blank)

4. Other comments that you wish to make on the subject of home education:

I have no qualms about parent's home schooling their children, that is their right to do so. There are a lot of well educated home schooled people out there. However, I feel there needs to be some sort of testing whether it from the local school district or the home schooling organization with the standards of testing. I also feel they should have to take the same test/s that any child has to take for High School level graduating/diploma. NOTE: I called father of home schooled kids and he gave me his answers to your questions quickly. A few hours later the mother called and gave me her answers totally opposite of her husband's.

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