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Candidate Statements 2010

2010 ICHE Candidate Letter

The Candidate Letter can be downloaded in MS Word format from this page.

Candidate: Rep - Lee Heider STATE SENATOR, District 24

1. Do you support or oppose requiring families who home educate to register their children with either the state or their local public school district?


2. . Do you support or oppose requiring all children taught at home to take standardized achievement tests ach year?


3. What other requirements, if any, would you favor as a condition of a parent's right to teach his or her children at home?


4. Other comments that you wish to make on the subject of home education:

I think parents should have the right to home school. Those I know receive much better education than their peers. They have family values as well as scholastic knowledge. They serve in the community and possess a civility and a sense of giving that others don't. We do need to track their progress, however, so when they transition to public school courses we know where they fit. I also believe they should be allowed to participate in school sports and cultural activities like band, orchestra, drama, etc. I'm very proud of the home school students in Twin Falls County. I will attend their graduation again this year. Thank yo.

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