Welcome to Home Schooling in Idaho

Home schooling -- parents privately teaching their children at home -- has existed in Idaho since the arrival of the first families.

The recent resurgence of home schooling here in Idaho has been fueled in large part by both the dramatic academic successes of students taught at home, as well as the broadly-recognized healthy socialization of those students. Home schooled students in Idaho have:

One caution worth mentioning is this: Students in Idaho's virtual charter schools do not share these benefits. We would encourage families considering enrollment in such programs to not mistake them for genuine home schooling. Careful study of the many drawbacks of such programs will clear up this confusion.

Since our current law was passed in 2009, parents in Idaho have enjoyed unparalleled freedom to home educate without governmental interference. As a result of those tremendous liberties, home schooling in Idaho has thrived and home schooled students have excelled. We know that a child's parents are naturally his first and best teacher. That never changes.

We are grateful that you are visiting our web site. Please take your time and look it over carefully. Whether you are just beginning to think about the option of teaching your children at home or are a veteran of the movement, we know you'll find information here that is both helpful and encouraging.

If you live in Boise, Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Nampa, Twin Falls, Pocatello, Moscow, or anywhere else in the great state of Idaho, we encourage you to embark on the exciting adventure of home schooling. You and your children will be glad you did.

Candidate Statements on 
 Home Schooling

Identify which candidates will protect your freedom to teach your children at home.





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